sunday plans

  • cook dinner for the next few nights. probably this.
  • reorganize the extra room
    • switched the big black plastic bookcase that has the printer on it with the small white plastic bookcase that has books on it
    • pack away some  of those books; find new home for some of them
    • use the big black plastic bookcase for crafting supplies (sewing machine in case; small tubs filled with sewing supplies; yarn stash; needle stash; the small collection of sewing & knitting books & magazines I have)
    • if no room left, use a clear underbed tub for scrapbooking supplies; put in closet
  • launder my fabrics
  • cut the fabric used for sew-along
  • maybe work a bit on this tutorial?
  • try to sew some. not sure yet what.

yeh, the day will be packed.


don’t you just hate it

i usually take small amounts of time during my lunch break to knit a few rows in whatever millions of projects i started recently.  ok, 4 or 5 projects. anyways, one thing i hate is when i discovered a mistake, or make a mistake (today it was a dropped stitch) and it takes me the entire time to fix that mistake. so, probably there is a quick way to fix a dropped stitch, i just don’t know how yet. for me to fix it at my skill level, i have to unknit up to that point and then fix it. so instead of doing the 8th row of ribbing so i can start the pattern (it’s the cascading leaves sock pattern for the dream in color knit-along club for april at the lys), i’m unknitting to the beginning of needle 3 on row 6 and then pick up that stitch and knit back to the beginning of row 8. ugh.

sock knitting 2

so sock class has kept me insanely busy. and insane, in a way. yesterday was the third class, the final one being next week. but let’s back up and recap.

this is about how far i got before the second class, where we learn to knit the heel flap. so this is going to be an ankle sock; not quite my favorite but it will do for a first sock.

after the class, but not quite totally finish with the heel flap. i didn’t have too much left and totally finished it before the third class.

third class, yesterday. turning the heel, picking up stitches. honestly this was about the closest i came to giving up so far. or wanting to use those dpn’s on my eyes. i couldn’t pick up those stitches for the life of me. finally the teacher suggested i try using a crochet needle, and was finally able to work it through.


so these last two was from this afternoon, after the knitting the first row after picking up the stitches. slowly slowly slowly said the sloth. let’s see how much i can get done before the last class.

i just updated my links to the right (“banes of my existence”) and added a new page listing my knitting/sewing books & magazines i currently have.

i’ve also decided on a hiatus from my friday links, till i decide if i want to continue that or not. right now it’s too time consuming. instead i may put up specific good links when i find them.

finally my first sewing machine

except i don’t have my hands on it yet. my mom got one for me, she has it but with the weather crazy as it is it may be a while before i get my hands on it. i’m so excited: i’m mentally going dizzy thinking of all i can make. i love skirts. i love bags. but i’m hoping to make things i need right now.

so this will be a test of patience: how long will it take before i go crazy?


so i’ve been unsuccessful in keeping up; with my knitting, meal planning, the friday links, blogging in general.  i went from being pretty sick (head cold, but a pretty strong one because i couldn’t breath through my nose for a while) to being extremely busy at work. this past weekend i finally had my first 2-day weekend since….sometime last month? yes, a very long time.

but that has finally past and i am trying to play catch up.

each day i plan to:

  • knit at least one swatch of color on my first scarf (it is at 39 inches right now).
  • knit at least four rows of my kitschy kerchief
  • sketch out at least a page of the scrapbook of my overseas trip for my parents

sometime by the end of the month:

  • set up a meal plan for february
  • finish the scrapbook
  • finish the two knitting projects

we’ll see if i can keep up with this schedule.

i came across this nifty online to-do list that also comes with an iphone app. go check it out; it’s free.

meal planning

in an attempt to control what i eat and what to buy at the store while at the same time trying to learn a valuable life skill, i am trying meal planning. again. i tried it before, last year, but with disastrous results. we could never keep on schedule, on a certain day we wanted something else that wasn’t planned, or was simply too tired or lazy to make anything. so this year i’m trying it again, doing it for the month, and i’m going to be strict about it. i started on it this morning, did this week so far, but will need to get input from dh before continuing on (if he wants to cook anything himself for example). i’m also planning out lunch & breakfast for me.

so for this week:

monday: shrimp tacos

tuesday-thursday: slow-cooker spiced leg of lamb w/potatoes & carrots

friday: veggie burger

saturday: salmon for dh; chicken for me.

does anyone have advice on how to meal plan? would love to try what works & what doesn’t.

new year resolutions

i usually suck at keeping resolutions. by the end of the first week i’m like screw it and go back to my old ways.

but i’ve chosen a few goals i want to accomplish in 2011:

  • learn to knit socks
  • knit my first sweater
  • knit a few wool blankets for dh & i
  • learn the basics of scrapbooking
  • learn embroidery & hand sewing stitches
  • creatively upcycle a few things
  • clean out the clutter

we will see how many of these i can accomplish. and i’ll keep y’all posted on my efforts.

finishing off the new year, preparing for the new

so there’s less than a week left in 2010. who would have thunk that at this time in 2009 i would be even imagine myself knitting, or just creating my own things. this time last year, the thought of doing crafts was totally against my idea of a feminist i consider myself to be. i still consider myself a feminist, but i no longer think of diy crafts as anti-feminism, but a creative and let’s just say it, more fun away of making an apartment a home without spending the big bucks, or accessorizing my wardrobe without sacrificing money i’d rather spend on something fun (like books), or at least saving money. and there’s something about wearing something you made that goes beyond anything you can buy can give you: a sense of yes, i can do this myself. sorry for my rambling thoughts, i hope i made some kind of sense here.

this past weekend i gave myself a challenge of finishing all my unfinished knitting projects by the beginning of the new year. i don’t think it’s going to happen now. but i’m going to finish as much as i can. here are my unfinished projects:

  • a baby-shower gift i owe a friend
  • an ipod cozy made from leftover yarn from my finished hat
  • the first project, a garter stitch scarf, from the stitch & bitch book, with grass & pumpkin color yarns
  • another pattern from stitch & bitch, a knitted kitschy kerchief, to learn increasing.

on the way to me are supplies (yarn & double pointed needles) to attempt to make my first knitted socks via an online “class” at this site. so i’ll start the new year learning socks. i’m hoping i can learn it here so i don’t have to fork  over $60 for a class. again, trying to save money.

something else i’m going to start doing is scrapbooking. i want to create a scrapbook of my trip to dh’s homelandia for my parents. i was going to do a video dvd, but i think this would be more interesting and appreciative (my mom is more crafty than they are technological). so i need to go get some very basic supplies, go through my photos, plan the layout on the computer, go get them printed out, then put it all together, hopefully fairly quickly. i may also do it for the trip to california i took last year.

off topic, a little bit

but i wanted to be like others out there who is coming together today to support katie goldman today. for those who don’t know, she’s a first grader who was bullied by the boys at her school for liking star wars. she touched my heart for two reasons: i’m a huge star wars fan myself, and i’ve also been bullied as kid.

katie, and young female star wars fans, don’t listen to the boys. they know nothing. they just focus on anakin & obi-wan & yoda & mace windu & quinlain vos & han & luke, but they forget about princess leia & ahsoka tano & luminara unduli & bariss offee & shaak ti & aayla secura (who kicks butt by the way) & mara jade & jaina solo & many many other strong female jedi in the star wars saga & the extended universe, my favorite being etain tur-mukan out of the republic commando series of books by karen traviss.

i’ve started watching the star wars movies around your age, katie, and i fell in love with it. i would pretend i’m in the millenium falcon shooting at those x-wings. i am now in my early 30’s and still love watching those movies. i even started reading the novels & comic books a few years back (i’m still working my way through them) and will even watch the clone wars cartoon on itunes. yes, i still get teased by my husband, but that’s because he doesn’t understand sci-fi in general. that’s fine, i tease him about his music. 😉

stay strong, katie and all the other ones like us out there. it gets better, i promise you. the star wars universe has so much to offer us, and we can take our strength from the strong female characters within the universe. it’s not just for boys, it never was just for boys. don’t let the boys, or anyone for that matter, change who you are or what you like. just be yourself and you WILL find others like you.

today, star wars fans and geeks in general everywhere are coming out in support for katie. a facebook event has been set up to encourage everyone to wear their star wars gear today for katie. i don’t have any myself, but i will be publicly carry around and reading the latest star wars read today for her. and posting this blog post for all of us.

parents & other adults, we need to face bullying head on. it’s not always physical, but mental & emotional as well. i’m went the mental & emotional bullying as well. we should stop saying kids will be kids. no, the bullies act that way because their parents accept that kind of behavior. it has to end, and it ends with you. and educators, don’t just let the problem slide at school. confront it, head on, because it won’t end when you are trying to decide whether to act or not based on school or corporation guidelines.

other reads:

‘the force’ is with you, katie (cnn)

adopted by the geeks and nerds (her mother’s blog update after she wrote katie’s story initially)

club jade (a mostly star wars blog written by mostly female star wars fans)

well, i can easily turn this into an on topic post by pointing out i’m anxiously awaiting this book: the star wars craft book by bonnie burton coming in late march. *drooling*

what am i doing to myself??

it started in london. my sil asked if i knew how to use a sewing machine. i use to, i replied, i can probably thread it still; let me see. then i just stared at it, totally forgetting everything. i wanted to kick myself in the derrière.

i get home from my 1 month stay abroad (3 weeks in dh’s homelandia, 1 week in london). i started thinking it’s best i relearn how to sew, use a sewing machine, repair clothing, try to do anything that may cut costs and yet create something that i truly like, not settling for second best at the stores.

i’m not a very person. i’m also not very careful and am a klutz. i get impatient and give up easily. so this diy voyage that i will chronicle here will be hilarious at best, disastrous at worst. but also, i  hope to inspire others like me to at least give it a shot in the hopes that they can to, will take this voyage and discover not only their own hidden abilities, but also to create these special things in their lives that no mass-produce item truly can produce.

note: for the most part this will be produced from my iphone, including the photos. so the photos will not be perfect, but they will still be good.

dropping a few pounds

walk walk walk walk