sew along sunday 3/27/11

update on my sew along to-do list:

  1. buy the pattern
  2. decide on the fabric (maybe i’ll have a vote on this) – i decided to use the same exact fabrics as shown on the pattern. i like it, except slightly see-through. but that can be remedied.
  3. acquire the fabric – lisette fabric was on sale this past week: 40% i think it was
  4. acquire all the notions – i guess i still need to get the buttons, but not sure which ones yet.
  5. launder the fabrics
  6. take a deep breath

since i have to work today, i am unable to work on it. sundays are the days i have free to sew, so next sunday i should give it a start. wish me luck.


sew along

…and we’re back!

life has gotten a bit hectic with trying to finish so many projects and coming up with others i must get done, mostly by this weekend. but that’s nearing the end and will update you with those later.

just earlier this week i’ve discovered a potential sew-along through gwenny penny’s blog (who found it through the pick up some creativity blog) using the lisette portfolio dress pattern. ah, perfect. i almost bought this pattern a few weeks ago when joann’s had their $1.99 simplicity pattern sale, but decided i didn’t want to work too much on it alone, considering my (re-)beginning level of sewing (finally got my sewing machine out of the box a few weeks ago and it took me an hour or so to try to figure out how to put the bobbin in & to thread it). but since i came across this sew-along, i decided to do it.


*linked from the Lisette website

what i need to do before the sew along start date (whenever it’s decided):

  1. buy the pattern
  2. decide on the fabric (maybe i’ll have a vote on this)
  3. acquire the fabric
  4. acquire all the notions
  5. take a deep breath

so this weekend i’ll troll for the possible fabrics for the dress (which i’ll use as a long tunic instead). if you have any suggestions, please let me know. once i compile a list, i’ll post it here and y’all take a vote.

dropping a few pounds

walk walk walk walk