FO Friday: Ribbed Scarf

Ribbed Scarf

Started: September 3, 2011

Finished: October 29, 2011

Yarn: 2 skeins Brown Sheep Co. Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Café au Lait




WIP Wednesday: One-Skein Shrug

When Craftsy decided to preview workshops, I hopped on board for several reasons: (1) it’s free (2) it’s a way to expand my repetoire. So the free preview offered is the One Skein Shrug by Stefanie Japel. I’m not one for shrugs (I’m a modest dresser, and I firmly believe they accentuate the bust too much to my liking) but thought, why not. Maybe I’d just wear it at home. Anyways, for yarn I chose Cascade 220 Heathers in Colorway #2420, which is a mix of purple and blue. It’s my first time working with Cascade 220 and I actually like the feel of it.


so it has finally happened

my current started knitted projects in number is equal to my completed number of projects since november. yes, i start one, see a project i like, start that one. i haven’t completed a pair of socks yet (finished 1 sock, started it’s companion) and i already started two other pairs (one for dh, one was for a knit-along). also a shawlette & a scarf. and considering i’m in limbo (hinted at earlier) and should prepare myself for a possible next big step, i haven’t had a lot of time for much of finishing projects.

another big step is trying out nickel-plated knitting needles on the most recent started project for the dream-in-color monthly dream club knit-along at my lys (link is not to my lys). i am really liking the nickel-plated needles compared to the bamboo. bamboo is great for a beginner, and i do recommend it for that. but with the nickel-plated ones i feel i am not fighting the yarn, it slips off easier and the project moves more quickly.

i decided to do the dream-in-color monthly dream club in order to expand my repertoire in knitting: not just knit and purl and k2tog and ssk but other moves and techniques as well. i am loving it. i really love the dream in color yarns, they are just the most awesome things ever.  and lace knitting: i love the variety of moves, and it just seems to flow right along. i love it. love it love it love it.

don’t you just hate it

i usually take small amounts of time during my lunch break to knit a few rows in whatever millions of projects i started recently.  ok, 4 or 5 projects. anyways, one thing i hate is when i discovered a mistake, or make a mistake (today it was a dropped stitch) and it takes me the entire time to fix that mistake. so, probably there is a quick way to fix a dropped stitch, i just don’t know how yet. for me to fix it at my skill level, i have to unknit up to that point and then fix it. so instead of doing the 8th row of ribbing so i can start the pattern (it’s the cascading leaves sock pattern for the dream in color knit-along club for april at the lys), i’m unknitting to the beginning of needle 3 on row 6 and then pick up that stitch and knit back to the beginning of row 8. ugh.

half-finished objects: my first sock

so i finally finished a half of a pair of socks wednesday night. i started this in my beginning sock class back in february. not sure why it took so long, it wasn’t really hard. i think i did the kitchener stitch at the toe slightly incorrectly, because it’s a little bunched up. need to remember to do it correctly when i finish the companion. otherwise it looks and feels nice on my foot.

finished object: stash basket

made for my mom for her birthday. she commented she could never have figured out how to knit. yay, i can do something my mom can’t 🙂

i’m sure i’ll make one for myself later on. some things i need to keep in mind maybe for next time:

  • maybe do the base first, since it seems to take the longest.

but otherwise it was a rather quick knit. again, like the scrapbook, finished very early in the morning i was going to meet her.

i got this pattern (minus the handles) from the knitting 2011 desk calendar using lily’s sugar ‘n’ cream super-size in softly taupe – 3 skeins, because you knit using three strands of yarn together, but with some left over from all three.

finished object: kitschy kerchief (maroon)

again, like yesterday’s finished object, kitchsy kerchief just needed the ties sewed on, which i did on sunday. i am making more of these: currently black for english SIL, another upcoming color is cornflower blue. the increases doesn’t seem very clean to me; maybe i’m still not doing it 100% correctly. but it does lend to a different-looking edge that’s not quite garter stitch.

yarn: mission falls 1824 wool in colorway #010 (russett i think); sadly, no longer being made, but only need a skein for it.


finished object: scallop-edge beaded necklace

honestly, since most of my readers are also my facebook friends, i should stop posting these photos there until i posted them here first. 🙂

though i finished knitting this a few weeks ago, and in only a few days, i didn’t get around to sewing the toggle clasp on till sunday. a pretty easy knit, taken from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. this one was made for my cool english SIL, to be shipped over to the other side of the pond as soon as i get some other things done for her.

yarn used: knitpick’s merino style yarn in dk weight, coal (less than 1 skein). beads: seed beads in rose (2 tubes but didn’t need them all)

sock knitting 2

so sock class has kept me insanely busy. and insane, in a way. yesterday was the third class, the final one being next week. but let’s back up and recap.

this is about how far i got before the second class, where we learn to knit the heel flap. so this is going to be an ankle sock; not quite my favorite but it will do for a first sock.

after the class, but not quite totally finish with the heel flap. i didn’t have too much left and totally finished it before the third class.

third class, yesterday. turning the heel, picking up stitches. honestly this was about the closest i came to giving up so far. or wanting to use those dpn’s on my eyes. i couldn’t pick up those stitches for the life of me. finally the teacher suggested i try using a crochet needle, and was finally able to work it through.


so these last two was from this afternoon, after the knitting the first row after picking up the stitches. slowly slowly slowly said the sloth. let’s see how much i can get done before the last class.

i just updated my links to the right (“banes of my existence”) and added a new page listing my knitting/sewing books & magazines i currently have.

i’ve also decided on a hiatus from my friday links, till i decide if i want to continue that or not. right now it’s too time consuming. instead i may put up specific good links when i find them.

sock knitting 1

so this past thursday was my first sock knitting class. i never used double pointed needles (dpn’s) before, so i knew this was going to be an adventure.

not only is this the beginning of my sock, it’s also an anarchist sign. because, frankly, knitting with dpn’s is a bit anarchic at the beginning.  but once you figure out the tricks, and get a good rhythm, it’s not so bad.

this was the progress i made yesterday afternoon. by yesterday evening, i had to frog it and start all over again. so now i’m halfway back to where i was yesterday afternoon. yes, it sucks, and i have only a few days before the next class and a long way to get to where it was recommended to be (though not necessary – it would just be a shorter sock). i just hope i stop screwing up.

i frogged this actually many times since thursday. everytime i did dh asked: are you giving up? or: why did you take this class anyways? are you ready for it? if there’s one thing i inherited from my family, it’s stubborness. and by golly, i’m gonna make this sock by the end of the month.

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