friday links for 2/4/11

what a week. it’s amazing i found the time or motivation to put this together. what suppose to be a snowpocalypse turned into a sleetpocalypse and i spent most of my time online on facebook and twitter to find out what was open and what was closed, the weather conditions, the news. but here i am quickly putting this together. enjoy.


friday links for 1/28/11

after nearly a month of being so overwhelmed by work, even backed up on going through my links, i’m finally back with friday links discovered in my rss feed from 1/21/11 through the morning of 1/28/11. enjoy.

friday links for 12/31/10 (new year’s eve)

not as badly delayed friday links for 12/24/10

extremely delayed friday links for 12/17/10

work has kept me busy and i don’t foresee it slowing down till mid january. trying to play catch-up here and on my knitting (and soon scrapbooking) projects.

delayed friday links 12/10/10

finally got around to doing this…

friday links delayed till sunday

i just didn’t have time to select the 30+ links i came across this week, so it will be postponed till sometime sunday when i can do that. i’m now debating shifting the friday links to sunday since that’s the day i have the most free time.

friday links 12/3/10

note: i procrastinated and forgot i had this scheduled to go up this morning. well, it did, unfinished. so i finished it up and re-released it now.

friday links

a weekly series displaying great ideas i found on the net.

  • recycle that old bedtop blanket into an insulated window blinds for winter.
  • got a potluck to go to? here’s how to make your own cozy using an old wool sweater.
  • i’m fascinated by Anthropologie but can never afford anything there. here’s how to make monogram mugs in their unique style.
  • though I’m planning to make a calendar for next year instead of buying (using photos from my recent trip to dh’s homelandia), here’s a pretty cool-looking owl-theme calendar you can put together and print from online. this may go in the spare bedroom by my computer desk.
  • another thing in the style of Anthropologie, make your own cirrus duvet cover.
  • this would be great, not just for diwali, but for any holiday you celebrate: recycled plastic cup word tea covers.
  • for those cool nights at home, but not cold enough for the heavy stuff, make your wimsical felt slippers.
  • decorate those cookie tins with these doily designs.
  • this maybe a project I’ll do soon. since i don’t have a sewing machine yet, this no-sew blanket may be perfect for a gift for a friend who is about to bring a little one into the world.
  • perfect little gift ideas to recycle those many buttons around the house: easy button magnets.
  • this makes for a great gag gift for those celebrating christmas: felt grumpy, the lump of coal.
  • it’s a trap! get your geek on with these star wars napkin rings.

dropping a few pounds

walk walk walk walk