FO Friday: Ribbed Scarf

Ribbed Scarf

Started: September 3, 2011

Finished: October 29, 2011

Yarn: 2 skeins Brown Sheep Co. Lamb’s Pride Bulky in CafĂ© au Lait




finished object: stash basket

made for my mom for her birthday. she commented she could never have figured out how to knit. yay, i can do something my mom can’t 🙂

i’m sure i’ll make one for myself later on. some things i need to keep in mind maybe for next time:

  • maybe do the base first, since it seems to take the longest.

but otherwise it was a rather quick knit. again, like the scrapbook, finished very early in the morning i was going to meet her.

i got this pattern (minus the handles) from the knitting 2011 desk calendar using lily’s sugar ‘n’ cream super-size in softly taupe – 3 skeins, because you knit using three strands of yarn together, but with some left over from all three.

finished object: kitschy kerchief (maroon)

again, like yesterday’s finished object, kitchsy kerchief just needed the ties sewed on, which i did on sunday. i am making more of these: currently black for english SIL, another upcoming color is cornflower blue. the increases doesn’t seem very clean to me; maybe i’m still not doing it 100% correctly. but it does lend to a different-looking edge that’s not quite garter stitch.

yarn: mission falls 1824 wool in colorway #010 (russett i think); sadly, no longer being made, but only need a skein for it.


finished object: scallop-edge beaded necklace

honestly, since most of my readers are also my facebook friends, i should stop posting these photos there until i posted them here first. 🙂

though i finished knitting this a few weeks ago, and in only a few days, i didn’t get around to sewing the toggle clasp on till sunday. a pretty easy knit, taken from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. this one was made for my cool english SIL, to be shipped over to the other side of the pond as soon as i get some other things done for her.

yarn used: knitpick’s merino style yarn in dk weight, coal (less than 1 skein). beads: seed beads in rose (2 tubes but didn’t need them all)

finished object: overseas trip scrapbook for my parents

unfortunately, due to the fact i finished this scrapbook an hour before i left to meet them, i do not have any photos of the finished project. but it’s done, chock-full of photos, and brief descriptions. even has a family tree of the in-laws.

a few things i’ve learned:

  • i need to keep focus, so that it doesn’t start out nice and end in something hastily put together
  • craft glue doesn’t work. i ended up using scrapbook double-sided tape instead

i’m taking a week off and will start another scrapbook, for myself.

finished first scarf

finally finished it on saturday. not exactly 100% happy with it but what do i expect from my first scarf. i didn’t particularly liked the yarn i used either. but i’m just glad to be finished with it.

second project started, first to finish

finally finished a project, the hat that was started in the learning to knit class.

it’s not the greatest, but since the top ends stick out when i wear it, like a cat’s ears, i’m going to add a few things, like some embroidery or felt pieces, and felt the hat as well, so that it will look like a cat hat. because i think those hats are so cute. and i wanted to get one for a while. with the leftover yarn i’m trying to squeeze out an iphone cozy, but we’ll see if it happens or not.

dropping a few pounds

walk walk walk walk