so it has finally happened

my current started knitted projects in number is equal to my completed number of projects since november. yes, i start one, see a project i like, start that one. i haven’t completed a pair of socks yet (finished 1 sock, started it’s companion) and i already started two other pairs (one for dh, one was for a knit-along). also a shawlette & a scarf. and considering i’m in limbo (hinted at earlier) and should prepare myself for a possible next big step, i haven’t had a lot of time for much of finishing projects.

another big step is trying out nickel-plated knitting needles on the most recent started project for the dream-in-color monthly dream club knit-along at my lys (link is not to my lys). i am really liking the nickel-plated needles compared to the bamboo. bamboo is great for a beginner, and i do recommend it for that. but with the nickel-plated ones i feel i am not fighting the yarn, it slips off easier and the project moves more quickly.

i decided to do the dream-in-color monthly dream club in order to expand my repertoire in knitting: not just knit and purl and k2tog and ssk but other moves and techniques as well. i am loving it. i really love the dream in color yarns, they are just the most awesome things ever.  and lace knitting: i love the variety of moves, and it just seems to flow right along. i love it. love it love it love it.


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