an additional follow friday…

…and a huge thank you.

first i wanted to show off my first blog give-away i’ve ever won (please pardon the lighting; it’s dark in that corner even with the light on and didn’t help that it was dreary outside. also i take most of my photos on the iphone):

a lovely set of moroccan-style tea glasses

being displayed on a bookcase (the frame was not part of the give-away)

so i won this give-away, which included the tea glasses and ingredients to make moroccan mint tea, from MarocMama. I wanted to give her a huge public thank you for this awesome give-away (and sorry it took so long to post about it) and encourage all my readers to check out her blog. she a foodie blogger, specializing in moroccan fare, but also blogs about her trips to morocco.  she’s also on twitter, facebook, and etsy.  i’ve actually made her moroccan style meatballs and it won a seal of approval of deliciousness from dh, who’s from the country next to morocco (slightly different cuisine though, different spices, even though it’s the same region). so, a big thanks to her for the give-away and everyone else, go check her out.

i’m hoping to finally brew up a pot of the tea tomorrow.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MarocMama
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 21:09:41

    thank you so much for the lovely review!!


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