don’t you just hate it

i usually take small amounts of time during my lunch break to knit a few rows in whatever millions of projects i started recently.  ok, 4 or 5 projects. anyways, one thing i hate is when i discovered a mistake, or make a mistake (today it was a dropped stitch) and it takes me the entire time to fix that mistake. so, probably there is a quick way to fix a dropped stitch, i just don’t know how yet. for me to fix it at my skill level, i have to unknit up to that point and then fix it. so instead of doing the 8th row of ribbing so i can start the pattern (it’s the cascading leaves sock pattern for the dream in color knit-along club for april at the lys), i’m unknitting to the beginning of needle 3 on row 6 and then pick up that stitch and knit back to the beginning of row 8. ugh.


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