sock knitting 2

so sock class has kept me insanely busy. and insane, in a way. yesterday was the third class, the final one being next week. but let’s back up and recap.

this is about how far i got before the second class, where we learn to knit the heel flap. so this is going to be an ankle sock; not quite my favorite but it will do for a first sock.

after the class, but not quite totally finish with the heel flap. i didn’t have too much left and totally finished it before the third class.

third class, yesterday. turning the heel, picking up stitches. honestly this was about the closest i came to giving up so far. or wanting to use those dpn’s on my eyes. i couldn’t pick up those stitches for the life of me. finally the teacher suggested i try using a crochet needle, and was finally able to work it through.


so these last two was from this afternoon, after the knitting the first row after picking up the stitches. slowly slowly slowly said the sloth. let’s see how much i can get done before the last class.

i just updated my links to the right (“banes of my existence”) and added a new page listing my knitting/sewing books & magazines i currently have.

i’ve also decided on a hiatus from my friday links, till i decide if i want to continue that or not. right now it’s too time consuming. instead i may put up specific good links when i find them.


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