sock knitting 1

so this past thursday was my first sock knitting class. i never used double pointed needles (dpn’s) before, so i knew this was going to be an adventure.

not only is this the beginning of my sock, it’s also an anarchist sign. because, frankly, knitting with dpn’s is a bit anarchic at the beginning.  but once you figure out the tricks, and get a good rhythm, it’s not so bad.

this was the progress i made yesterday afternoon. by yesterday evening, i had to frog it and start all over again. so now i’m halfway back to where i was yesterday afternoon. yes, it sucks, and i have only a few days before the next class and a long way to get to where it was recommended to be (though not necessary – it would just be a shorter sock). i just hope i stop screwing up.

i frogged this actually many times since thursday. everytime i did dh asked: are you giving up? or: why did you take this class anyways? are you ready for it? if there’s one thing i inherited from my family, it’s stubborness. and by golly, i’m gonna make this sock by the end of the month.


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