so i’ve been unsuccessful in keeping up; with my knitting, meal planning, the friday links, blogging in general.  i went from being pretty sick (head cold, but a pretty strong one because i couldn’t breath through my nose for a while) to being extremely busy at work. this past weekend i finally had my first 2-day weekend since….sometime last month? yes, a very long time.

but that has finally past and i am trying to play catch up.

each day i plan to:

  • knit at least one swatch of color on my first scarf (it is at 39 inches right now).
  • knit at least four rows of my kitschy kerchief
  • sketch out at least a page of the scrapbook of my overseas trip for my parents

sometime by the end of the month:

  • set up a meal plan for february
  • finish the scrapbook
  • finish the two knitting projects

we’ll see if i can keep up with this schedule.

i came across this nifty online to-do list that also comes with an iphone app. go check it out; it’s free.


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