finishing off the new year, preparing for the new

so there’s less than a week left in 2010. who would have thunk that at this time in 2009 i would be even imagine myself knitting, or just creating my own things. this time last year, the thought of doing crafts was totally against my idea of a feminist i consider myself to be. i still consider myself a feminist, but i no longer think of diy crafts as anti-feminism, but a creative and let’s just say it, more fun away of making an apartment a home without spending the big bucks, or accessorizing my wardrobe without sacrificing money i’d rather spend on something fun (like books), or at least saving money. and there’s something about wearing something you made that goes beyond anything you can buy can give you: a sense of yes, i can do this myself. sorry for my rambling thoughts, i hope i made some kind of sense here.

this past weekend i gave myself a challenge of finishing all my unfinished knitting projects by the beginning of the new year. i don’t think it’s going to happen now. but i’m going to finish as much as i can. here are my unfinished projects:

  • a baby-shower gift i owe a friend
  • an ipod cozy made from leftover yarn from my finished hat
  • the first project, a garter stitch scarf, from the stitch & bitch book, with grass & pumpkin color yarns
  • another pattern from stitch & bitch, a knitted kitschy kerchief, to learn increasing.

on the way to me are supplies (yarn & double pointed needles) to attempt to make my first knitted socks via an online “class” at this site. so i’ll start the new year learning socks. i’m hoping i can learn it here so i don’t have to fork  over $60 for a class. again, trying to save money.

something else i’m going to start doing is scrapbooking. i want to create a scrapbook of my trip to dh’s homelandia for my parents. i was going to do a video dvd, but i think this would be more interesting and appreciative (my mom is more crafty than they are technological). so i need to go get some very basic supplies, go through my photos, plan the layout on the computer, go get them printed out, then put it all together, hopefully fairly quickly. i may also do it for the trip to california i took last year.


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