off topic, a little bit

but i wanted to be like others out there who is coming together today to support katie goldman today. for those who don’t know, she’s a first grader who was bullied by the boys at her school for liking star wars. she touched my heart for two reasons: i’m a huge star wars fan myself, and i’ve also been bullied as kid.

katie, and young female star wars fans, don’t listen to the boys. they know nothing. they just focus on anakin & obi-wan & yoda & mace windu & quinlain vos & han & luke, but they forget about princess leia & ahsoka tano & luminara unduli & bariss offee & shaak ti & aayla secura (who kicks butt by the way) & mara jade & jaina solo & many many other strong female jedi in the star wars saga & the extended universe, my favorite being etain tur-mukan out of the republic commando series of books by karen traviss.

i’ve started watching the star wars movies around your age, katie, and i fell in love with it. i would pretend i’m in the millenium falcon shooting at those x-wings. i am now in my early 30’s and still love watching those movies. i even started reading the novels & comic books a few years back (i’m still working my way through them) and will even watch the clone wars cartoon on itunes. yes, i still get teased by my husband, but that’s because he doesn’t understand sci-fi in general. that’s fine, i tease him about his music. šŸ˜‰

stay strong, katie and all the other ones like us out there. it gets better, i promise you. the star wars universe has so much to offer us, and we can take our strength from the strong female characters within the universe. it’s not just for boys, it never was just for boys. don’t let the boys, or anyone for that matter, change who you are or what you like. just be yourself and you WILL find others like you.

today, star wars fans and geeks in general everywhere are coming out in support for katie. a facebook event has been set up to encourage everyone to wear their star wars gear today for katie. i don’t have any myself, but i will be publicly carry around and reading the latest star wars read today for her. and posting this blog post for all of us.

parents & other adults, we need to face bullying head on. it’s not always physical, but mental & emotional as well. i’m went the mental & emotional bullying as well. we should stop saying kids will be kids. no, the bullies act that way because their parents accept that kind of behavior. it has to end, and it ends with you. and educators, don’t just let the problem slide at school. confront it, head on, because it won’t end when you are trying to decide whether to act or not based on school or corporation guidelines.

other reads:

‘the force’ is with you, katie (cnn)

adopted by the geeks and nerds (her mother’s blog update after she wrote katie’s story initially)

club jade (a mostly star wars blog written by mostly female star wars fans)

well, i can easily turn this into an on topic post by pointing out i’m anxiously awaiting this book: the star wars craft book by bonnie burton coming in late march. *drooling*


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  1. ummsqueakster
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 10:10:24

    Don’t forget Mirax Terrik. Not a jedi, but an awesome female role model if there ever was one (and who happens to be married to my all time favorite star wars character).

    I spent my lunch hour yesterday making star wars snowflakes for my winter cubicle decorations. Who me, a star wars geek?


    • pam
      Dec 10, 2010 @ 16:26:12

      ah, forgot, see, i’ve only encountered her a bit in the fate of the jedi series. i’ve read up to the clone wars era and a bit after, skipped all the middle part, and started into the new jedi order, all the while reading whatever new is released. i’m sure i’m missing things by putting off the middle to later, but i’ll get myself caught up. can’t wait to read more of mirax.


  2. Umm Ibrahim
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 10:55:48

    Lovely post masha’Allah. šŸ™‚


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