class, hat, scarf, bad back

saturday was my beginner’s knitting class. it was also the first significant snowfall of the year, as well as some christmas celebrations going on downtown where the lys hosting the class is located. but i soldiered on, decided to take public transportation downtown then walk the remaining blocks of main street looking at the various boutiques there. i arrived about a half hour before the lys opened, so found a coffee shop a block away and had some spicy hot chocolate. it was really good. after the class i went back for more.

the class was a little late in starting, because of the weather. the two other participants had to deal with driving there on unplowed roads. since we pretty much had kinda started knitting (the two other ladies in the distant past; me the past few weeks), the teacher made sure we were doing everything right. the focus was on casting on (she was teaching the knitted cast on, which i found more difficult; i taught myself the long-tail cast-on), knitting & purling. below is the result of that practice (one row i screwed up on because i accidentally knitted two rows instead of knit 1, purl 1.)

of the projects we could start in class, we had a choice of making a scarf, a hat, or a cowl. i decided on a hat since i’ve already started a scarf and i wanted experience with circular needles. before i was getting annoyed by ribbed stitching. now it’s coming a bit easier, now that i can determined if i knitted or purled before.

of course, when i got home i noticed that a part of it seemed bigger than the rest. mmm. oh well, it’s a first hat, and it’ll go with an older coat i’m sorta refurbishing (extending it’s life), so it doesn’t matter too much to me.

scarf update: i worked a bit of it on saturday. after a while my shoulders and back hurt from the long length of the thick needles. so it’s going more slowly then i would like it.

i would have worked on it more on sunday, but i spent most of the day trying to straighten out my shoulder and back pain. so i hardly did anything. but i plan on getting back into it tonight some more. plus working on my hat during my lunch break.


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