what am i doing to myself??

it started in london. my sil asked if i knew how to use a sewing machine. i use to, i replied, i can probably thread it still; let me see. then i just stared at it, totally forgetting everything. i wanted to kick myself in the derrière.

i get home from my 1 month stay abroad (3 weeks in dh’s homelandia, 1 week in london). i started thinking it’s best i relearn how to sew, use a sewing machine, repair clothing, try to do anything that may cut costs and yet create something that i truly like, not settling for second best at the stores.

i’m not a very person. i’m also not very careful and am a klutz. i get impatient and give up easily. so this diy voyage that i will chronicle here will be hilarious at best, disastrous at worst. but also, i  hope to inspire others like me to at least give it a shot in the hopes that they can to, will take this voyage and discover not only their own hidden abilities, but also to create these special things in their lives that no mass-produce item truly can produce.

note: for the most part this will be produced from my iphone, including the photos. so the photos will not be perfect, but they will still be good.


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